USU Mobile Apps

The Utah State University mobile application is produced by the IDIAS group in collaboration with USU Public Relations and Marketing, Utah Advancement, Associated Students of Utah State University and USU Admissions. The IDIAS group consists of students, staff, and faculty from Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences, Art, and Computer Science Departments

The applications for the university have been developed for both iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Team Members:

  • Dr. Brett Shelton (IDIAS/ITLS at Utah State University)appleIcon
  • Dr. Mary Ann Parlin (IDIAS/ITLS at Utah State University)
  • Alan Hashimoto (Dept. of Art at Utah State University)
  • Yuxuan Wang [Alex] (Project Lead Developer, iPhone)
  • David K. Manoa (Project Lead Developer, Android)
  • Michael Holt (Programmer, Android)
  • Andrew Hayes (Digital Graphic Designer)

Screen Shots:





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