Backtracking what is currently known, and there isn’t much, you struggle to piece things together. Rubbing your eyes you look around the cold, damp, and nearly empty room. There is creepy carnival music in the background and a faint uneasiness about everything. It’s all just a bit off. The last thing you recall you were at home on the couch when aliens kidnapped you. Though you couldn’t see them, they did explain that they wanted to study the ability of humans to problem solve basic information about chemical and physical change through a series of tests. You assume that each one will become increasingly challenging. With that little bit of information you are determined to make it through the tests and return home. You don’t know what these tests will be, but you know you need to escape.

This game, part of a National Science Foundation grant, is designed from a first-person shooter game perspective (i.e., the student/player is directly seeing and interacting with the environment) to teach Utah state science standard one from the core standards. This game and standard is arranged to teach eighth grade students the nature of changes in matter. Four sequential levels engage the four objectives and subsequent sub-goals under each objective for this standard. 

  • Level One: Focuses on the states of matter and the transfer of energy between states. 
  • Level Two: Focuses on the chemical changes observing how materials bond, combine, and separate.
  • Level Three: Focuses on the physical changes utilizing different substances; as evidenced through cooking an egg.
  • Level Four: Focuses on the effects of oxidation on different materials such as metal, wood, and plastics; combination of chemical and physical change.

Remember that in each level you can replay and regenerate your actions utilizing the screen in the interrogation room to help you review. This computer based interactive environment, in connection with classroom instruction, will cover the components of standard one of the eighth grade core.

Check out our browser version of the first level here S'cape Demo, Install Instructions

  1. 1. Minimum resolution supported - 1024 X 768
  2. 2. Turn on the volume for sound
  3. 3. Play in full screen mode. Right click on the window and select full screen

Special Thanks:

The Bishop Of Hexen for allowing the use of a sample from The Somber Grounds of Truth