GeePerS* F.A.Q.

  • What are the differences between Android and iPhone/iPad version.

Both games are virtually identical in game play and user interface. The differences that are used are due to the different OS and design. The main differences are as follows.

      • “Where am I” button not there, replaced with distance to goal, player is tracked in real time.
      • Compass rotates separately from the background. And always points north.
      • Options allows you to change the trigger distance.
      • Degrees are shown by the compass
      • Distance to trigger is set instead of proximity


      • “Where am I” button must be touched to show players current location.
      • Options allow the:
        • Trigger distance – distance to goal that will trigger the questions.
        • Max iterations, Distance precision – Adjusts the GPS parameters for retrieving gps coordinates.
          • Indoor you can adjust the max iterations and distance precision.
          • Outdoor just use the default settings
      • What is the number on the top of the screen on the iPhone version?
        • This button shows the proximity average that the GPS is using to calculate the GPS points (See Max iteration, Distance precision).
      • GPS is not getting a signal.
        • Move outside and try again
      • What is the Compass for?
        • The compass shows the direction north and displays the degrees of the direction we are traveling.
      • What do the options do?
        • The options adjust the trigger distance, and basic GPS controls.
      • I can’t see my character, where did it go?
        • Drag the screen to move the character into view.
      • iPhone - Pinch to zoom image in or out till you can see your character
      • What is max iteration?
        • This setting controls how many samples are needed to generate a GPS position within the setting for Distance Precision.
      • What is Distance precision
        • This allows the user to set the maximum distance accuracy in order to calculate a GPS position.