GeePerS* Instructions


You have been recruited to participate as a super hero in training at the X-Factor superhero program.  You will be assigned an agent to accompany you and will be given instructions from headquarters by our trainer.  You will then embark on completing five different training missions to stop the evil Dr. Ickles.  Throughout the missions you may be confronted by Dr. Ickles henchmen.   Each one of the training missions will test your math skills ranging from simple addition and subtraction to multiplication, division, and fractions. Welcome to X-Factor training super hero!
This game is based on relative GPS locations.  Relative GPS takes your current location and sets it as the origin for the rest of the game.  All of the objects, locations, and distances that the player interacts with can then be generated based off of the initial starting point.  The location of the player does not matter; the player could be in the United States, Japan, Africa, and Europe or anywhere in the world. 
Since the GPS is integrated into the application, the GPS data needs to be as accurate as possible.  To ensure that the data coming in is accurate, make sure that you play the game outside on a clear day.  This will allow the best performance of the game.  More information on this is in the GPS section of these instructions.
This application is available on both the Android and iOS platforms.  The design and execution of the game is virtually identical to both platforms.  The only minor differences are how the user may interact with the device and access the menus and options.  The two different platforms also track the player in a slightly different way. These items will be covered later.





Starting the game:

From the home screen on the device, touch the GeePerS Game Icon.  On the iPhone you will need to click on the game you want to play, i.e. Logic Machine Rescue.  On the Android version the game will start automatically after clicking the GeePerS Game icon.

How to Play:

iPHone version:









Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3


To start the game, follow the on-screen instructions (Figure 1). After the GPS has loaded and acquired the first location the game start screen should be presented (Figure 2). A gold/yellow question mark is available. Touch the question mark to begin the story (Figure 3).












Figure 4
Figure 5

After the story completes the game follows the same procedure, use the “Where am I” button to navigate to the next locaiton, touch the gold question mark and continue the story.  Questions may be asked at different points to test the student’s knowledge and comprehension.
At some point you may not be close enough to the goal to trigger the next event.  If this happens you will get the “Not close enough screen” (Figure 4).  At this point you will need to press the “Where am I” button at the bottom of the screen to see if you are close to the goal.  You may need to take a few more steps towards the goal to activate the question mark. 

When you have completed a goal the “New position appears!” screen will appear so you can proceed to the next goal (Figure 5).
You can use the Compass button on the bottom left to bring up the compass. This can help you navigate around the map.  Just remember to use the “Where Am I” button to show your current location.

Android Version:

To start the game, touch the GeePerS icon from the home screen.  This will launch the application and set up the GPS to play the game (Figure 6).  After the splash screen exits the game will load and prompt the player to go to the center of the field (Figure 7).

Figure 6
Figure 7

Figure 8

After pressing the start button the game is taken directly to the story.  After the story sequence finishes the player is taken back to the map screen and can now navigate the map (Figure 8).
In this mode the character icon will show the players location in real time allowing the player to walk to the next goal.

As the player reaches the goal the “Distance to Goal” on the bottom of the screen will decrease. This information is handy to help you know how close you are to the goal and if you need to change the trigger distance in the options menu. 
When the player is within the trigger distance the “Good Job” box is displayed.  Touch “Next” to continue the story (Figure 9). 
Like the iPhone version of the game there is a Compass.  The compass in this version rotates individually from the screen and the player.  The compass always points north.  The direction the top of the device is facing is displayed in degrees (Figure 10). 

Figure 9
Figure 10


Figure 11
Figure 12

1trigger distance.pngAn accurate GPS signal is essential to playing this game.  To ensure that the signal is as strong and as accurate as possible make sure that you play the game outside on a clear day without any obstructions above the device. 
Since the GPS is based on satellite coordinates, playing the game indoors may or may not work depending on where the satellites are located.  If the accuracy seems to be affecting the game play outside you can adjust the settings in the trigger distance.  This is most noticeable when you are on the green question mark and the options to continue have not been given or the point did not trigger.  You can manually trigger the point by going in to the options and selecting a greater trigger point distance (Figure 11 & 12).


Android and iPhone display the questions and videos slightly different.  The iPhone version will display the video after touching the video button.  The Android version plays the video in the question screen and gives the option to display the question in a pop-up window by pressing the “View the question” button. If a video is not available then the question will be displayed in its place.
You can restart the video on the Android by pressing the big blue triangle in the upper right hand corner.  On the iPhone replaying the video can be done by clicking play again on the video in the player.

Additional Features:

Drag scroll—The Android and iPhone version support this feature.  You can scroll the map by dragging your finger across the screen.  This will pan the map in whatever direction you drag your finger.  The android version will stop panning when the edge is reached.
Pinch Zoom— iPhone supports this feature; you can zoom in or zoom out if you cannot find your character. 


The Android and IOS version of the game is being published through the Official Utah State University Licensee Baxajaunak Technology L.L.C.