GeePerS* Adventure on Integer Island


Welcome to the X-Fraction hero training facility!

The player takes on the role of a super hero in training that gets to explore and try and foil the evil Dr. Ickles from taking over the world! You are aided by your trainer and your sidekick Andy.  Throughout the game the player is asked to answer different questions relating to math.  By answering the questions the player gets to progress through the story until finally reaching Dr. Ickles castle.  In order to unlock more of the story the player must move, physically walk, from one location to another while the GPS keeps track of where the player is and their relation to the current goal. 




  1. Logic Machine Rescue
  2. Treasure of Knowledge
  3. Adventure on Integer Island
  4. GeePerS: Episode IV
  5. Ickles, The Final Frontier

You can check out the instructions here.

The Android and IOS version of the game is being published through the Official Utah State University Licensee Baxajaunak Technology L.L.C.